Brexit: the urgent questions we face:

A member recently emailed to say that she is ‘hoping for a look at the economic consequences of Brexit at WMNEG and what we should be arguing as key for any final deal’. Here is NEF’s recent mailing, which offers four questions.


To view, click here.

Marc Stears, Chief Executive, New Economics Foundation, spoke at the Foundation’s relaunch event which took place at Coin Street Neighbourhood Community Centre on Tuesday 11 October 2016. He made three points:

  • This is a moment of urgent need
  • Old mechanisms for change don’t work any more.
  • Primary mechanism for change: making connections with those rooted in their communities.

From a recent mailing:

The New Economics Foundation exists to build a new economy where people really take control of their lives.

We have witnessed a huge step towards real control over Brexit. The Government wanted to design its plan in secret, but the High Court has ruled that the process must be brought out into the open and debated in Parliament.

This is a stunning and welcome development. But the control of Brexit must not end with our politicians.

We now need an open and honest debate about the future of our country and the urgent questions we face:

  • What should our place be in relation to the single market?
  • What is the future of free movement of people?
  • How can we maintain the environmental and social protections that membership of the EU has given us for so long?
  • And, perhaps most importantly of all, how can we bring people together again when they have been so deeply divided by all of these issues and more.

Just over three weeks NEF’s new agenda for change was launched. Community workers, campaigners, trade unionists and politicians from all the major parties came together to show how we can give people the tools they need to take real control of these important national debates.

These questions must not be resolved behind closed doors, either in Number 10 or in the Houses of Parliament themselves. They must be resolved in the country, with a clear sense of the options and vibrant public discussion.






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