Planet Centred Forum: Values for the future

One Day Seminar – Saturday 22nd April 2017


9.15 AM  Reception in Carrs Lane Centre foyer – (Table for Enquiries and payments)

9.30      Bertha Wright Room open for Seminar

10.00     Opening remarks by the Chair: Susan Miles

10.10     Brief introduction to Planet Centred Forum network + questions.

10.30      Malcolm Currie: Collaborative Functional Regions

11.20     Questions in response

11.30     Refreshment break (complimentary drinks/biscuits served in room)

11.45     Dr. Christine Parkinson: The Broken Cycles of Nature

12.35     Questions in response

12.45     Lunch break + informal chatting: In house buffet options may be    purchased or O.K. to bring your own snacks or local eateries nearby

13.35    Book viewing and signing session (including official launch of ‘Only Three Generations Left?’)

13.50     Colin Hines: Progressive Protectionism – seeing off Brexit and right wing  solutions

14.40     Questions in response

14.50     Open discussion forum (short presentations at Chair’s discretion)  Refreshments available in room

15.40     Panel of our three presenters lead interactive discussion

16.30     Taking the arguments out there: how do we go forward from here?

16.45     Chair’s closing remarks plus contact exchanges

16.55     Close and safe journeys

_     _     _     _     _     _     _

With the overall theme title ‘Values for The Future’ our next Seminar is planned for Saturday 22nd April, which appropriately happens to be Earth Day. With support and encouragement from members of West Midlands New Economics Forum this will be our first time in Birmingham. The venue is Carrs Lane Conference Centre, a central location ten minutes from New Street station and three minutes from Moor Street station. We have booked the Bertha Wright room on the first floor: unfortunately no disabled access to this otherwise very suitable room.





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