Members’ publications

wmnec sust coverStruggling with Sustainability (1996)

£5.99 including postage & packing from WMNEG.

Published in collaboration with the University of Central England

New Green Guide to Birmingham (1997)

Free from  WMNEG.

Supported by Birmingham City Council under Local Agenda 21.

Out of print, but still available at the Central Library.

In “PFI vs DEMOCRACY” (McFadyean M, and Rowland D, Menard Press 2002) WMNEG Vice-Chair Andrew Lydon’s campaign on the hospital beds features strongly. Commissioned by the Rowntree Reform Trust as one of a series edited by Colin Leys, it draws heavily on Andrew’s long correspondence with the Regional Office of the NHS. £5.00. 

sust small heath cover “Sustainable Housing in Small Heath” (2004) is the illustrated story of the year-long study into the application of renewable energy in an inner city neighbourhood. Most of the work was done by the voluntary steering group helped with a grant of £10,000 from the West Midlands Social Economy Partnership to cover expenses. After visiting projects in Leicester, South Wales and the Black Country and getting reports from a number of experts the group came to the conclusion that a ten-year programme was needed, starting with home insulation and energy efficiency and leading on to community wind turbines, photo-voltaic roofs, wood-burning stoves and combined heat and power plants. All of this could create many new jobs for local people provided the government offered new enterprises the right kind of support and created the general economic conditions for a renewable energy market to flourish in urban areas. A hundred copies of the first edition of the book were distributed free to people and organisations that we thought could help develop the proposals that emerged from the study. The full version can be downloaded from


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