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Local Futures: one week until we converge in Bristol!

Join us in Bristol on October 20th for our 18th Conference

Moderated by writer and broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby.

Other events 19th-21st

Details here

Readers new to this organisation please note two of its sterling projects:

Planet Local – a web series showcasing diverse examples of localization in action in such areas as community renewable energy, local food and farming, local economy, eco-villages, alternative education, radical democracy, the local commons, and more.

The International Alliance for Localisation (IAL) was originally conceived as a way to formalise and expand this informal network of groups and individuals who are working on issues that fall under the broad umbrella of this global-to-local shift network. The hope is that the IAL will help to catalyse a powerful global movement for localisation. The general public and even most local groups themselves are often unaware that they are, in fact, part of a rapidly growing worldwide localisation movement. We believe that linking together these groups that are currently operating in isolation can greatly strengthen them all.

              People and groups from 58 different countries have joined the International Alliance.

A few IAL members

At the conference, we will address one of the most pressing questions of our time:

How do we move forward to create healthy and inclusive economic models that work for people and planet?

Local finance, ethical banking, local business alliances, local food strategies, big picture activism, national and international networks for a new economy, connecting with nature, building community, empowering youth, direct democracy and inclusion…this is just a taste of the topics we will cover.


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