Honest Money – John Tomlinson

Designing Sustainable Cities – Yow Poon and John Newson

The Midlands Environmental Business Club – David Middleton

Diversifying the West Midlands Economy – Andrew Lydon

A Review of progress on LETS Schemes – Paul Baptie

Sustainable Development of the Star Site (Planning For Real) – Alan Clawley and Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation

Sustainable Economic Development – Sandy Taylor (Birmingham City Council)

Indicators of Sustainablity and Local Agenda 21 – Sophie Churchill (Birmingham City Pride)


Building for Sustainability – David Thorpe, Architect

Free Trade & New Protectionism – Conall Boyle & Andrew Holtham

Social Enterprise – John Bleazard & Pat Conaty

The G8 Summit – Andrew Lydon; Private Finance for Public Buildings – Ursula Pearce (Community Health Council)

MAI and the Local Economy – Heather West (WDM)

European Monetary Union – Ron Dorman & Robert Coppinger

Poverty & Overseas Development – John Newson

How’s Mr Blair doing so far? Town Cramming – Councillor Judith Morris


Citizens Income – Conall Boyle; Café Society – Radical Politics

Local Government Reform – Councillor Guy Woodford (Green Party)

Summits Up – all

Café Society – Regionalism – Bill Clarke; Business Leadership – Roger Murray

Cost of Defence –Dorothy Forbes (CND)

Café Society – the Millennium Bug – Malcolm Currie

Regional Economic Strategy – all; a hierarchy of Sustainable Development


Not much success in getting external speakers to meetings this year; concentrated on reviewing activities and working on issues such as Sustainable Employment, the Private Finance Initiative and International Development


Questions for Parliamentary Candidates

Localisation – Pat Conaty (New Economics Foundation)

The Regional Economy – Derek Fisher

Regional Planning Guidance

Privatisation and the Private Finance Initiative – Bob Whitehead

The work of the West Midlands Regional Sustainability Forum

Review of own projects

Parallel Currencies and Local Exchange Trading Schemes – Malcolm Currie

Food and the Countryside – Pat Knowles

Monetary Reform – Bill Clarke


Open Space and Planning (Peter Beck)

Sustainable Housing in Small Heath (Alan Clawley)

The Draft European Constitution (Ron Dorman)

Review of Activities; cancelled to enable members to attend a meeting of the West Midlands Constitutional Convention

Indicators; Regional Disparities in Economic Prosperity (Andrew Lydon)

Economic Migration (Pat Knowles)

Regional Planning and Alternative Systems (Derek Fisher)

Myths and Realities of the Japanese Economy (Malcolm Currie)


Economic Migration – Pat Knowles

Regional government, federalism and the West Midlands Constitutional Convention

Brummie Bonds and the Peoples Pension – Karen Leech (LWM); Urban Renaissance

The economics of the mobile phone industry (Peter Beck)

Nano-technology; Colin Hines’s concept of localisation (Hines, C, Localisation, 2000); “Britain in the World” revisited (Andrew Lydon)


The SLOW Movement (Derek Fisher)

The Economics of Construction (Alan Clawley)

The Business Lobby and the New Labour Government; Make Poverty History

The Global Commons Institute “Contraction and Convergence”

City Centre Redevelopment – the future of the Central Library and its site

Birmingham’s “Community Strategy” and the role of the Strategic Partnership

Town and CountryPlanning (Peter Beck)

Climate Change March, London/Christmas Meal at the Warehouse Cafe


Joint session with members of DEVOLVE (in the CND Office)

Reducing the Need to Travel I (Alan Clawley and Andrew Lydon)

Reducing the Need to Travel II, with Kevin Chapman of Transport 2000

Decentralised Energy Generation, Alan Clawley, East Birmingham Community Energy Company

“Measuring Prosperity” progress report, Andrew Lydon; Andrew Lydon’s digital slide show “Measuring Prosperity”

Green Taxation – reflections of the Stern Report with Malcolm Currie and Jeremy Heighway’s thoughts on Ecological Tax Reform


The Birmingham Strategic Partnership’s Draft Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy; Review of the Private Finance Initiative

Molly Scott Cato; Adapting to Climate Change, with Marc Reeves, Editor of the Birmingham Post, at the BMI

The Great Global Warming Swindle

A review of the Birmingham Plan process

After the Unitary Development Plan

Gill Bentley on Regional government

Bill Clarke on the “Simultaneous Policy Organisation”

Redevelopment of Birmingham’s Central Business District


The “Green New Deal”

The Price of Energy

Banks – do we need them?

True Indicators of Prosperity – Andrew Lydon reports

The Social Rented Housing Crisis

Emigrant and lapsed Members celebrate WMNEG’s 15th birthday

Private Finance in Local Councils


Green New Deal. General Election

Cost of new hospital under PFI

Andrew on ‘Energy’ with Rianne ten Veen, John Newson, and Chris Crean

‘Globally Local’ at Trilby

First SKYPE session

Second SKYPE session with Jeremy Heighway (Germany);

Sebastion on the banking system

Andrew on Inflation


First steps towards video-conferencing to involve distant members

Skype conference with Jeremy Heighway

Chris Shelley on the Co-operative Movement

Alan on the City Council Budget with an analysis of both cuts and increases in spending. (Article published on Birmingham press website)

Seb on the work of the Banking Commission

Andrew on the Energy Market. (Article published on Birmingham Press website)

Jane Green on Private Finance Initiatives and the Coventry Incinerator (article published on Birmingham Press website)

John Nightingale on Who Do We Do Business With?

Follow-up on State Socialism

Alan, the British New Towns programme

Andrew on Banking Reform (on LWM website)


Tony O’Sullivan on Cuba

Alan Clawley on ‘The Green View of Growth’

John Nightingale on ‘Debt’

Tom Hellberg on ‘Direct Action’

Alan Clawley on ‘Credit Unions’

‘Does Direct Action Work?

Andrew Lydon on ‘Housing in Egypt’, and Alan Clawley on ‘Labour’s Housing Policy for Birmingham’

Malcolm Currie on ‘What’s in the Reith  lectures?’

Chris Crean (Friends of the Earth) on ‘Where shall we all live?’

Jane Green on ‘The work of J K Galbraith’ and John Nightingale and others on ‘CRASH Conference’


An analysis of the City Council’s latest Budget – Alan Clawley

Sustainability Forum – Spring Fair, Botanical Gardens

The Local Employment Partnership – Councillor John Clancy (Labour)

Energy – Chris Crean (Friends of the Earth)

‘After the Crash’ – John Nightingale

Financing the National Health Service – Andrew Lydon

Credit Unions in Britain and Ireland – Alan Clawley (Treasurer, Small Heath Credit Union)

Reflections on Non-Violent Direct Action – Tom Hellberg (Climate Camp)

Islam and Debt – Rianne ten Veen (formerly of Islamic Relief)


Housing co-ops in Small Heath (Alan Clawley)

The Co-operative Movement (Andrew Bickle); Book Reviews.


Compass bearings for the General Election

Basic Income, Indices of Inflation, and ‘Compass’

Naomi Klein’s book, ‘It doesn’t have to be like this’


Alan Clawley, Chair, 26 May 2016




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