26th Jan: AGM and discussion about future speakers and dates for the PCF Carrs Lane Meeting

23 Feb  – What are the economic policies of the mayoral candidates for the West Midlands Combined Authority? – presented by Ann Wackett. The election takes place on 4 May. Are the candidates promising anything different from the parties that they represent?.

30 March – Ridhi Kalaria: if not available we would have a general debate along these lines: ‘What happened to Capitalism?’. Is it the only game in town, or can we still have a mixed economy of the kind that once prevailed in Scandinavian societies? Should we be pessimistic or optimistic about the impact of the classic New Economics ideas in a today’s capitalist society?

Ridhi replies: “I’m afraid I’m due to be out of Birmingham on the 30th March at a memorial exhibition in Kent. We are holding an open meeting on the Birmingham Pound on Monday the 27th March at 5:30pm -7:30pm at RBS Bank on Colmore Row, to which everyone would be welcome”.

30th March- plan B – Alan Clawley will present some extracts from Jeremy Rifkin’s 2014 book, ‘The Zero Marginal Cost Society’ – the internet of things, the collaborative commons and the eclipse of capitalism.

22nd April 2017 One Day Seminar  organised by the Planet Centred Forum: ‘Values for the Future’.  Speakers, Colin Hines, Malcolm Currie and Christine Parkinson, whose book ‘Three Generations Left’ will be launched at this seminar.

27 April – Reflections on Colin Hines’ book Progressive Protectionism – a round table discussion.  

25 May – BREXIT – looking forward – what do we want as the outcome to the negotiations – what do we want to keep that worked for us in the EU, and are there opportunities to introduce new things we think desirable? a round table discussion

29 June – The ‘Mission Possible’ project based at the Uplands Leisure Gardens in Handsworth Wood – presented by Malcolm Currie, who is collaborating with veteran campaigner David Middleton of the Environmental Business Club.

27th July – The group discussed the first part of Woody Wood’s  paper on Localism and Regionalism.

31st Aug –  The group had a further discussion on Woody Wood’s  paper on Localism and Regionalism with specific reference to practical implications and actions we can take.

28th Sept –  Ulla Grant is going to talk about:  “The Swedish Model”,  the historical background, its effect on social changes in Sweden, how the “Swedish Model” has declined since mid 70s due to economic and political pressure.  This has resulted in a widening social and economic divide.”

26th October – Andrew Lydon is going to talk about ‘Power’.  There are 2 sides of power that have been of concern to thinking people over the last hundred years. Firstly how can political and social power be used to direct change ? How has power been used to frustrate and subvert change ? Any discussion needs to start at both ends.

30th November:  A discussion on Molly Scott Cato’s book: Green Economics: An Introduction to Theory, Policy and Practice  introduced by Robert Kornreich [Rescheduled from July]







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