25th January: Annual General Meeting, roundup of news, planning for future meetings.

22nd FebruaryBrexit – values, priorities and mechanisms? Introduced and chaired by John Nightingale. See OB website.

29th March: Language and Politics, introduced by Susan Miles

26th April: Is council tax system no longer fit for purpose? Introduced by Carol Martin

May:  meeting to celebrate the life of Alan Clawley

28th June: political round up: local elections results.

26th July:  revisiting Alan Clawley’s Manifesto of some 18 years ago and then constructing a programme to the end of the current year.

23rd August: INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT – DEBT, TAX AND TRADE, introduced by John Nightingale.

27th September: Cllr Claire Spencer will introduce a new way of judging the health of an economy.

17th October: Hazel Clawley will share with the group the main themes of Paul Connett’s book The Zero Waste Solution , opening a group discussion on reasons for the successes and failures of the international Zero Waste movement.

21st November:  Carol Martin will open the round table discussion on Social Care (seniors)




  1. I would like to see a copy of John Nightingale’s paper on Brexit Values, Priorities and Mechanisms. I hope to go to the meeting on Thursday.


  2. Emailed Christine


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